Oven Repairs, Services and Installation

Oven repairs and services are as simple as a phone call or website enquiry away. Our service is prompt and professional, with same-day callouts often available. As well as this, in the rare circumstance of an unusual fault we’ll order the parts and arrange a return visit at no extra cost.

We provide a 12 month guarantee warranty on parts and labour, making us the most trusted service provider in both Ipswich. What’s more, we provide commercial appliance services. If you have any questions about refrigerator repairs, please call or check our FAQ.

Common Oven Issues

Common electric oven issues include:

  • A broken wire
  • Faulty control, bake, or broil element
  • The wrong amount of power coming to the oven.

Gas oven issues we often come across are:

  • Faulty gas control
  • Faulty igniter or valve.

Because looking into these issues comes with electrical risk, you should leave the troubleshooting to us. Our Ipswich oven repair team are well-equiped to investigate any of these issues and more!

Based in Ipswich, Select Suburbs of Brisbane, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

With over 25 years of experience repairing appliances in Ipswich, Brisbane, Newcastle, Maitland, Lake Macquarie and everywhere in between, our reputation for being the the most trusted business has become well-established in the local community. Exceltek Group is a family-built appliance repair service comprised of a team of highly qualified specialists.

We commit to being transparent and competitive with our pricing, with no hidden additional fees and charges. Because of this we are the most honest and reliable appliance repair service in Ipswich, Brisbane and Newcastle.

Don’t wait to fix your oven— get in touch today! To make an enquiry or find out more about us give us a call on 0473 025 159 or contact us here.